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AMPR'UP 1.5 Fat Tire E-bike

Original Price $1,699.00
Current Price $1,399.00


This Ampr'up 1.5 fat tire E-bike is loaded with features at a great value. Whether you're charging down your favorite trail or commuting to work, this bike has a lot of options to make your ride more enjoyable. If you haven't thrown a leg over one of these bikes... you need to! Even the biggest skeptics come back smiling. They are a blast and can be ridden in most places a pedal bike is allowed. Even the national parks are encouraging e-bikers on their trail systems. The Ampr'up 1.5 is equipped with a 14Ah battery so you spend less time charging and more time riding. With a 32kph top speed to get you there on time and disc brakes to stop on a dime. Fat tires provide an amazingly smooth ride while a new comfier seat design lets you spend more time in the saddle. The traction and flotation from the fat tires are simply impressive, mud, sand or snow go almost anywhere. Super low first gear with 9 different assist levels gives you the confidence to power through the most challenging obstacles. You may have snickered at the guy riding through the snowdrifts in the middle of February, but it's a great way to make winter more enjoyable.  

***Comes 90% assembled, requires some assembly***

  • Motor: 500W Bafang
  • Controller: 48V 18A Integrated
  • Battery: 48V, 14AH LG
  • Est. Range: 32-48 Km
  • Charge Time: 4-6hours
  • Display: LCD Display
  • Drive Mode: Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle
  • 7 Speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur 
  • 9 Assist levels
  • Super-low first gear and taller top gear for relaxed touring
  • Promax suspension seat post
  • Plush saddle
  • Quick-release seat post clamp
  • Wellgo aluminum pedals with reflectors 
  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Top Speed: 20mph (32kph)
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Fork: Fixed
  • Mechanical disc brakes with safety switch
  • Tires 26"x4" (100/90-22) Kenda
  • Rims 22" lightweight punched aluminum rims

Q: Why would I use an electric bike over a standard bike?

A: Here are a few reasons you would use an electric bike:

  • Get where you’re going faster, with the assistance provided by the electric motor it is easier to maintain a higher speed.
  • No sweat, you can use your bike to travel to work or other functions where you don't want to be all sweaty.
  • Keep everyone in the group together, everyone has different abilities with electric bikes you can make sure everyone stays together, even on tough hills.
  • Save money, wear and tear on your car, if you just need to go a few blocks there's no need to start the car.
  • Fun, we haven't had anyone ride an e-bike for the first time and not smile. You'll love cruising around the neighborhood, campsite or down to the beach.


Q: Why is a 500 watt motor the biggest available on your bike?

A: Transport Canada limits the speed and motor output on e-bikes, anything bigger than 500W or 32kph top is required to be licensed as a motorcycle for street use.

Q: Should I buy a bike with a hub-motor or mid-drive?

Hub drive motor is a little easier to operate if you are a less experienced cyclist, they are more forgiving when you’re not in the right gear. Hub motor e-bikes are typically less expensive when compared to mid-drive models. If you need to remove the rear wheel it's easier on a hub drive. 

Q: How far can I go on a single charge?

A: The Ampr'up 1.5 has a 10.4AH battery so you should be able to travel approximately 20-30 miles (32-48km) but it does depend on a lot of factors such as hills, terrain, load, speed, assist level and more.

Q: Does this bike re-charge when braking or going down hills?

A: No. These are not equipped to recharge while braking or descending hills. Very few models have that technology.   

Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: A fully depleted battery will take 4-6 hours to recharge, charge time will be less if the battery is not fully depleted. Lithium-ion batteries are designed to be charge at any level, don't be afraid to top them up.

Q: How much does it cost to charge the battery?

A: Electricity rates vary so much it's hard to give an accurate cost, we estimate it will be well under a dollar, as little as 25 cents in some regions. 

Q: Do I have to pedal?

A: No! Your Ampr'Up bike is equipped with a twist throttle so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.  It may require some assistance on steep hills and soft terrain. They do have a safety lockout for the throttle when it's not in use.  

Q: Can I ride as a regular bike?

A: Yes, just turn the assist level to zero and pedal away. 

Q: Do I need a license or insurance?

A: No, in Canada bikes under 500 watts do not require a license or insurance to operate. We do recommend talking to your insurance company to make sure they are covered by your household policy in case of theft.

Q: Are electric bikes heavy?

A: They are heavier than a standard bike, 60 pounds for Ampr'Up 1.5, compared with a 30-40 pound non-electric fat bike. Electric motors and batteries add weight, it is unavoidable. The only time you really notice the extra weight is lifting the bike, during normal usage you won't even notice the weight. The battery can be removed to reduce weight during loading and unloading.

Q: Why would I want a fat tire bike?

A: Fat tire bikes have many advantages over standard bikes. You can take it to the beach without sinking into the sand, the tires absorb more of the rough stuff, they are more stable and you can air the tires down for amazing traction, even in the winter. 

Q: Can I leave my e-bike outside in the rain?

A: The motor and battery are weather-sealed, however storing the bike in the rain for long periods is not recommend as it will cause extra corrosion and possibly shorten some of the component's life. 

Q: How do I wash my electric bike?

A: Use mild soap and water, avoid pressure car washes (high-pressure water) as moisture could penetrate the seals. Avoid excessive water on electric components as much as possible.

Q: Does it hurt my battery to sit all winter?

A: Lithium-ion batteries have a very little parasitic draw, so they can be stored for months without going flat. However, these batteries are happiest stored somewhere between full and flat. We recommend you store your battery at about 80% in a warm environment. 

Q: How do I control the motor?

A: As mention before you can control the motor output with the twist throttle or select one of the nine assist levels and let the bike decide when you need help.

Q: What powers my headlight and taillight?

A: The headlight is wired into the bike's electrical system so you don't have to worry about charging a separate battery. The tail light runs on its own disposable battery that will need replacement from time to time. 

Q: Can I charge my cell phone from the bike's battery?

A: Yes the battery packs have a USB port to charge your devices.