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Drive Belt - Can-Am Commander / Maverick / Outlander / Renegade

by Gates
Original Price $96.95
Current Price $89.95
The G-Force drive belt is a good choice for an OEM replacement belt at an affordable price. Great for smaller machines running stock size tires.
  • Delivers performance, durability, simplicity and value in extreme off-road environments.
  • Flexible, high-performance materials enable grab and go mobility and responsive acceleration.
  • Extended Life — shown to outlast other aftermarket belts by up to 5X.
  • Advanced Aramid tensile cords and reinforced fiber loaded undercord for added dependability

***Picture is for reference only - Actual product may vary***

The Carbon series from Gates utilizes a carbon cord to improve durability and service life.

  • STRENGTH: The first CVT belt utilizing carbon tensile cord for minimal stretch and extraordinary strength.
  • FLEXIBILITY: High-performance neoprene with a trapezoidal top-notch and rounded bottom cog design maximizing heat control and flexibility.
  • DURABILITY: Carbon tensile cords are bonded to aramid fiber-loaded rubber with specially formulated adhesion gum, resulting in increased side-load resistance, preventing belt distortion and edge cord pullout.
  • PERFORMANCE: Gain optimal power transmission for faster acceleration, improved throttle response and consistent shifting performance.

Your best choice by far, especially with a larger CC machine, oversized tires or if you use your machine for work? Consider spending the extra money on the Redline series drive belt.

  • Greater heat resistance and recovery, even under severe duty cycles.
  • Optimized, patented EE compound maximizes axial stiffness enabling belts to run at higher continuous torques or loads.
  • Innovative design results in better acceleration, higher top speeds, less speed ratio and energy loss in extreme off-road environments.
  • Improved durability, crack and wear-resistance means a longer-lasting, high-performance power transmission belt for the most demanding applications.
  • Reduced environmental risk — made without harmful chlorinated compounds.

***Picture is for reference only - Actual product may vary***

Model Engine Size Year
Commander 800 2011-2020
Commander 1000 2011-2021
Commander MAX 800 2017-2019
Commander MAX 1000 2014-2019
Commander XT 800 2015-2019
Commander XT 1000 2015-2019
Maverick 1000 2013-2018
Maverick Max 1000 2013-2017
Outlander 500 2007-2015
Outlander 570 2016-2020
Outlander 650 2007-2020
Outlander 800 2007-2015
Outlander 850 2016-2020
Outlander 1000 2012-2020
Outlander MAX 500 2007-2015
Outlander MAX 570 2016-2018
Outlander MAX 650 2007-2018
Outlander MAX 800 2007-2015
Outlander MAX 850 2016-2018
Outlander MAX 1000 2013-2018
Outlander XT 500 2015
Outlander XT 570 2016-2018
Outlander XT 650 2015-2018
Outlander XT 800 2015
Outlander XT 850 2016-2018
Outlander XT 1000 2016-2018
Renegade 500 2008-2015
Renegade 800 2007-2015
Renegade 850 2016-2020
Renegade 1000 2012-2012